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Karma at Westford Valley Marketplace Opens with a Bang and Lots of Good Will


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Editor’s Note: Watch for our video on Karma’s re-opening in a few days.

It was a spectacular night of food, drink, entertainment and socializing. The re-opening of Karma in the Westford Valley Marketplace had been long awaited by its patrons. They likely were not disappointed.

Food Inspector Arnie Price, Fire Lt. Don Parsons, and Town Manager Jodi Ross were all at Karma’s Re-opening on Dec. 2. PHOTO BY JOYCE PELLINO CRANE

The $1.8 million renovation that took about nine months gave the expanded dining room an subtle and elegant look. The lighting was more subdued and calming. A wooden lattice separated the bar area from the dining room.

As customers arrived just before 6 p.m. on Dec. 2, founder and owner Iverson Guo moved quickly from one end of the restaurant to the other, making sure every detail was taken care of to ensure an extraordinary experience for all.

Customer Eileen Forest was seated at the bar with Bob Cullinane.

Rob Cullinane at Karma’s Open House. PHOTO BY JOYCE PELLINO CRANE

“It’s the greatest place,” she said.

“The food is amazing, the drinks are amazing,” said Cullinane.

A highlight of the evening was the dragon dance performed by two young men inside a dragon costume. The audience watched as the dragon lifted itself off the floor to an upright position just as a bloom of red ribbons popped out.

A few familiar faces were in the crowd: Fire Lt. Don Parsons, Food Inspector Arnie Price and Town Manager Jodi Ross who helped to cut the ribbon.

Tickets for this night of celebrity were sold out as word spread that some of the Patriots players would be on hand to autograph caps and jerseys for a silent auction. Proceeds would go to St. Vincent de Paul of Westford.

Eileen Forest at Karma.

Some athletes sent autographed paraphernalia including Patriot Julian Edelman and Celtic teammate Jason Tatum.

The evening ended with a ribbon cutting ceremony which included Ross, who addressed the crowd briefly.

But the night belonged to Guo.

After telling a story about catering a banquet for a customer connected to the Patriots in Franklin more than a decade ago, Guo said, “What comes around goes around. Always we are together. We’re just like a family.”