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Westford Students and Alumni Praised for Commitment to Schools



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I would like to let you know that this week you have reminded your teachers just how much your education matters to you by paying attention to the current Westford Budget process, doing your own research, sharing information, coming up with action plans, and attending last night’s long School Committee Budget meeting (in which you unfortunately were not given the opportunity to speak). I am aware that for many of you this was likely the first time you attended a town board/committee meeting, and many of you stayed late into the night when you need to be awake and sitting in your first block class just 8 short hours later.

I would like to help communicate to you how PROUD you have made so many of your teachers both past and present here in Westford, many of whom knew you “back in the day” as 5 and 6 year olds navigating the challenges of loosing your first teeth, learning to share on the playground at recess, learning to ride a bike, and starting down the paths to becoming the incredible young men and women you are today. Please be persistent, learn about how local government works, become active and involved. Vote! Our country is in need of informed, active, and compassionate citizens involved in the important decision making now as much as at any time in our 236 years as a nation.

BRAVO to you all!!  — Mike Colson on behalf of many proud Westford Public School teachers.

Mike Colson is president of the Westford Education Association.