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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: WestfordCAT Board of Directors Should Resign


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I am a member of WestfordCAT and I would request you to consider removing the current Board of Directors and reinstate a temporary one for the following reasons:

At the 2019 Annual Meeting WestfordCAT members voted for a board of nine members. There are 10 currently, five of those are relatives and close friends. Any voting result can be questioned.

As a member of the WestfordCAT board of directors from 2017 to 2018, I’ve been at the board meeting when Dan Bush (current board president) joined the team. He was very silent and admitted he knows nothing about television. And what a miracle, in a year-and-a-half he is confident enough to fire people to the left and right.

WestfordCAT Executive Director Lauren Horton (I call it firing because there’s never been a letter of resignation from her), WestfordCAT News Director Joyce Pellino Crane. These two people are very important to the functioning of the studio.

Speaking of Lauren, I volunteered at the station in 2000 when there were two small rooms and three cameras. When I came back in 2016, the place changed dramatically: well equipped, solid look and smoothly run. Lauren is a very professional head of the studio. It will be hard to find someone that experienced and able to get along practically with anyone. A lot of WestfordCAT programs and especially weekly news content are done by Joyce. I can’t imagine any solid TV studio without the specialist in journalism. And WestfordCAT studio already has one — Joyce Pellino Crane.

Under the leadership of Lauren Horton the studio staff raised $30K last year.

Does it make sense to get rid of these exceptional staff members unless the goal of the WestfordCAT board of directors is to destroy the place or just leave a worker to let us Westfordians know what the temperature will be tomorrow. I just want to remind everyone that this public television studio is for our community.

I think that the WestfordCAT board of directors should resign because they completely failed in the situation with the financial problem. They didn’t bring any ideas on how to raise money with the help of fundraisers to support the studio. But instead of admitting it and sitting together with the staff, they just decided to fire people. And all the process was done in a snap, which makes me think that there is already a candidate for Lauren’s spot with her/his team. Or as I said, the goal is to destroy the studio by limiting it to one functioning worker. In such an ambitious and high ranked town as Westford, it’s not what we should dream about. — Nina Cimini, Westford