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Recall Request of School Committee Members


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After suffering a backlash for not extending Superintendent Everett V. Olsen’s contract, School Committee members are now faced with a referendum recall battle.

Led by resident Sue Mackay Higgins, the documents — one each for 6 out of 7 members — list four reasons for the recall request and ends with the following: “We formally petition the Westford Board of Selectmen to plan and hold a referendum recall election as soon as possible. The future of our children depends on getting this right.”

Sean Kelly was the sole committee member to vote in favor of Olsen’s contract extension for at least one more year, beginning July 1. The meeting took place on Feb. 10 at the Stony Brook School where the auditorium attracted at least 300.

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Reason 1 has to do with an alleged violation of the Open Meeting Law in which the committee reportedly met behind closed doors without Olsen to discuss his contract.

Reason 2 argues that the integrity of the school system has been irreparably harmed with regard to the school district’s employees.

Reason 3 accuses the committee members of being unable to work collaboratively with other town boards and committees.

Reason 4 claims that the committee has created an unhealthy climate for the school community.

Request to recall 6 out of 7 School Committee members. COURTESY IMAGE