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WestfordCAT Board Fields Questions on Station’s Shake-up


A follow up meeting of the WestfordCAT Board and members will take place on Feb. 12 at 7 p.m. at the Millennium School.

The WestfordCAT Board of Directors welcomed about 20 members of the community access television station to an informational meeting on Feb. 5.

The purpose of the meeting was to give the members an opportunity to ask questions about a sudden change of operations at the studio with the loss of two employees. In accordance with the bylaws, the members sought answers to whether they can make binding motions.

“Non binding” motions answered board president Dan Bush.

Attendees learned from treasurer Christina Sacco, who is in the process of closing the 2019 books, that she is concerned about balancing the fiscal budget.

“Our revenue over the course of several quarters has been going down,” she said.

In December the board alerted one employee of a pending lay off at the end of February as a solution to the budget gap. The board members also terminated the executive director on Dec. 3.

Serving on the board with Sacco are Sean Kelly, Nancy Burns, Bush, Betsy Alvarez, Warren Adam, Avery Adam, Shunhe Xiong, and Select Board member Tom Clay who is the liaison.

The attending members want to return the two staff members to their positions. A search for a new executive director is in process.

Among other things, the board approved the names of new members. The names of about six people who don’t live in Westford, were set aside for further review, according to the board’s clerk, Avery Adam.