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An Overview of Westford by Town Manager Jodi Ross


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In her presentation to the Westford Business Association on March 4, Town Manager Jodi Ross spoke about “Managing Growth, Maintaining Infrastructure and, Preparing for the Future in Westford.” [Westford Business Assoc presentation FINAL March 2020]

She was accompanied by Littleton Town Administrator Nina Nazarian, Chelmsford Assistant Town Manager Michael McCall, and Acton Town Manager John Mangiaratti.

Ross covered the following topics:

  • Statistics
    • Tax Rate Statistics
    • Residential Development
    • Commercial Development
    • Transportation/Infrastructure
    • Stormwater Management
    • Conservation/Land Management
    • Economic Development 2020 Initiatives
    • Municipal Projects
    • Town Meeting

The town has 22,500 residents and the average price of a house in today’s market is almost $570,000. The medium salary income is $141K and the unemployment rate is 2 percent as compared to the state-wide unemployment rate of 2 percent. The town has a single tax rate of $16.33 — lower than most communities in the region.

The number of housing developments underway in town is staggering:

Juniper Hill – Single-Family Subdivision
• 18 lots approved
• 14 Certificates of Occupancy issued
• 2 Habitat for Humanity homes
21 & 23 Carlisle Road – Age-Restricted Housing
• 17 Market rate, age-restricted to 55+
• 7 Affordable, age-restricted to 62+ supportive housing

Abbot Mill Phase 2 – Mill Redevelopment

Projects under construction and/or partially occupied:
• Under construction
• 102 rental units
• 26 Certificates of Occupancy issued
110 Place – Residential Development
• Under construction
• 4 Townhouse-style multi-family structures containing 16 dwelling

40B Developments (Affordable Housing)

Alder Point – 354 Groton Road
• 4 craftsmen style duplexes for
• Currently under construction
Sugar Maple Lane
• Powers Road – 28 townhomes
for purchase
• 19 Certificates of Occupancy
have been issued.

40B Developments

Alder Point – 354 Groton Road
• 4 craftsmen style duplexes for
• Currently under construction

Sugar Maple Lane
• Powers Road – 28 townhomes
for purchase
• 19 Certificates of Occupancy
have been issued

Hanover Westford Hills – 2 Robbins Road
• 180 rental units
• 6 Certificates of Occupancy issued
• Apartment buildings currently under

Hanover Westford Valley – Concord Road
• Behind Red Hat, 240 rental units
• All Certificates of Occupancy issued
• 169 units out of 240 have been leased

Residential Development
Projects in Permitting Process:

Spalding Hill Estates
off St Augustine Dr.
• 29 lots proposed

Helena Crocker Residences –
60 Littleton Road
• 18 affordable, rental units,
age restricted

“One of the exciting things going on is we have on the table now the Helena Crocker residences which are going to be built at 60 Littleton Road,” Ross said, which will be 18 affordable units and we’re working with Chelmsford Choice on this project.”

Subsidized Housing Inventory

Westford’s current Subsidized Housing Inventory is at 13.86 percent.
• The town has effectively planned for and maintained more than 10 percent of its housing units as “affordable” which enables the town to better control future development.

“Our subsidized housing is now at 13.86 percent…we’re very proud to have that level of affordable housing in our town,” Ross said.

Commercial Development
Kimball Farm – 400 Littleton Road
• New grill and seafood shack currently
under construction
Karma Restaurant – 174 Littleton Road
• Completed renovation and expansion of
restaurant space
Mr. Mac’s Macaroni and Cheese restaurant
• Renovation and recently opened for
Newport Materials
• Asphalt plant under construction and
nearing completion

Ross spoke about economic development and storm water management, engineering and infrastructure and land management.

She presented a sketch of the proposed renovation and enlargement of the former fire station in the town center:

Municipal Projects
New Center Building – 9,250 square feet
• Large public meeting space (100 person capacity)
• Information Technology, Veterans, and Facilities Departments
• Seeking funding at 2020 Annual Town Meeting for construction

63 Main Street
• October 2018 Town Meeting authorized purchase in the amount
of $600K for potential future municipal use
• Property abuts Town Hall complex and Roudenbush Building
• Select Board members formed a task force to review re-use options
• Citizen’s petition received to sell property for redevelopment of
single family residence with historic preservation restriction

Annual Town Meeting

Finally, she listed the citizens petitions that Town Meeting voters will be asked to decide when annual Town Meeting opens on Saturday, March 28. It will take place at the Abbot School, 23 Depot St., Westford. The meeting opens at 10 a.m.