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Former School Committee Member Running for Town Moderator


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Angela Harkness is Running for Westford Town Moderator. She will be vying with incumbent Susan Spuhler for the seat. 

My name is Angela Harkness and I’m running for Town Moderator. My husband Scott and I have lived in Westford for more than 30 years and we happily raised our three children here.
I’ve served on many boards and committees including:
• Stop Walmart Committee
• 1990 Master Plan and Master Plan Implementation Committees
• The Roudenbush Community Center Committee
• Permanent School Building Committee
• Route 110 Master Plan Committee
• East Boston Camps Master Plan Committee
• Westford School Committee
• Co-chair of the Prudential Committee of First Parish Church (current)
I’ve maintained my law practice here in Westford since 1994. In my capacity as an attorney, I have done pro bono work for many local groups including the Westford Conservation Trust and the Westford Historical Society. I love being an active, contributing member of this community and I especially love Town Meeting.

Town Meeting is democracy in its purest form. Nowhere else does a single vote or voice carry so much weight. I continue to be amazed at the level of effort put forth by those who make presentations at Town Meeting and the attention paid by the voters who attend. After attending Westford Town

Meeting for 30 years, I’m still amazed when one or two people express their opinions and initiate a debate that convinces a majority of the voters in the room. This process brings us together as a community. When we discuss and vote on budgets and by-laws, we need to consider the positions and predicaments of others, whether or not we know them personally. It allows us to view issues in a broader context and to formulate better, fairer and more considered solutions.

We get to know those who work and live in our community and we are inspired to get involved ourselves. Town Meeting is an institution well worth preserving.

My goals as Town Moderator will be to ensure that:
• Every person who carves time out of their busy life to participate in Town Meeting will leave feeling that their time was well spent.
• All will feel heard and informed to the greatest degree possible.
• The issues important to our community will be discussed and decided in a fair and efficient manner.
As a result, people will be confident in the process and encouraged to participate. This will secure the future of Town Meeting in Westford.

I look forward to your support! — Angela Harkness, Committee to Elect Angela Harkness | 15 Castle Road, Westford.