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ADOPTABLE PET: Charming Chuppi is a Cheerful Chap Who Needs a Chance at a Forever Home; Video



Video by Patty Stocker

Despite the COVID-19 shutdown, the Lowell Humane Society is still in need of adopters to provide their pets with loving homes. Chuppi, a 10-year-old, domestic shorthair cat who has been in the shelter since January, is one of those pets. Described by shelter staff as a “love bug” who enjoys being held and pet, his favorite thing to give is hugs.  “He’s very social and loves to be around people,” said Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Crystal Arnott.  “He wants to be around you all the time.”

As affectionate and loving as Chuppi is, a quiet, low key home would be best for him. “He was in a foster home for a little while and it was a little too busy for him,” explains Arnott. “We found out that he would really love a home that has, maybe,  older kids or teenage kids and up. A lot of noise and hustle and bustle really stresses him out.”

Because of the state wide shutdown and less people coming through the shelter, the Lowell Humane Society is in dire need of monetary donations, according to Arnott. Those interested in helping can make a one time donation, or can join the shelter’s regular monthly donation mission, “League of Heroes” by visiting lowellhumanesociety.org .

Interested adopters are asked to call the shelter at 978-452-7781 for more information or to set up an appointment to meet Chuppi.

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