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COVID-19: Remote Learning begins Monday, April 6


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Westford Academy Principal James Antonelli released the following letter on April 2.

I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe.  I hope and pray that the predictions of this getting worse before it gets better is all wrong! If we continue to do our job of social distancing and good sanitation practices things will get better and we will turn the corner.  I am confident.

I do look forward to activating our Remote Learning Plan on Monday, April 6. The Administration, Curriculum Coordinators, and Faculty have been working hard to set up for next week and we feel that we have a good plan in place. Teachers will be flexible.  All of us realize that this is very difficult and there are many “shared resources” within households.  Workspaces are tight, computers being shared, etc.  All we ask is that students do their best to move forward during this most difficult and unprecedented time.

Tomorrow we will send out some regarding  “student expectations” for next week.  There will be some guidelines to help with this transition to this “new” norm. Should you have questions or concerns, you can email teachers directly, email me directly, or the curriculum coordinator.  This is new for everyone.  There may be some “bumps in the road” along the way and we may need to tweak things week by week.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

One question that keeps coming my way is about the GPA (grade point average).  This is the consistent statement that I continue to make to our school community.

Below you will see that we updated the statement in the FAQ section of grades 6-12. We feel the new statement provided more clarity.

For clarification purposes.  We only completed 64 percent of Quarter 3.  Moving forward in this manner will be more consistent and fair for everyone involved.  Colleges and Universities will understand and have to review things differently.  Your Guidance Counselor will also support with a letter if necessary.  Westford Academy has a great reputation and will certainly be considered by post-secondary schools.  Hope this provides some clarity.  Respectfully, Jim

Original Statement in FAQ:

1.             How will this credit or no-credit grading system impact students’ GPA (HS)?

Because terms 3 & 4 will be based on a creditor no-credit system, GPAs will be calculated based on the student’s midyear average at the end of the first semester.

New Statement in FAQ:

Because 2nd semester (terms 3 & 4) will be based on a credit or no credit system, a student’s current GPA will not change at the end of the year.  It will remain the same as it was when calculated at the end of the first semester.  

I know that this disappoints some of you in the W.A. School Community and I am sorry. However, we feel this is the most consistent and fair way to move forward.

I know that our seniors are really down right now.  Please know that we will do our best to celebrate the many successes of the Class of 2020. I have a little secret being worked on right now! A parent brought the idea forward. I need to keep you in suspense as the plan develops.  I will share more at the beginning of next week.

Westford is a wonderful community — community that supports one another. Many individuals and organizations want to help and have reached out to me.  Thank you for your support and your willingness to help. I may be calling on many of you.  A sign of a strong community.

Stay healthy, Stay safe and …Practice Social Distancing.  It is vitally important to all of us! — Respectfully, Jim Antonelli, principal, Westford Academy.

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