COVID-19: As an Urgent Care Physician at Lowell General Hospital, Chander Khatri Treats Patients Using Telemedicine while the Global Pandemic Rages

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Dr. Chandra Khatri, urgent care physician at Lowell General Hospital speaks with Main Street host Joyce Pellino Crane about the rising use among healthcare professionals of telemedicine, due to the COVID-19 virus.

Telemedicine uses communications technology such as mobile phones and computers to diagnose and treat patients from a remote location

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Dr. Chandra Khatri, urgent care physician at Lowell General Hospital. COURTESY PHOTO

“Lowell General has COVID patients in the hospital,” he said, but there have been no deaths so far.

As an urgent care doctor, Khatri said he wouldn’t typically treat a COVID patient. However,  he said he has spoken with two patients — one who was exposed to the virus and showing symptoms, and the other who tested positive but was safe enough to be sent home.

When asked if he thought the world would return to normal once the curve of new cases flattens, Khatri said yes, but that for a while people will be “a little more careful about things.”

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