COVID-19: Lowell General Hospital Braced for Surge of Patients this Coming Week; Video

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Will Courtney, public and media relations manager at Lowell General Hospital, provides an inside view on how COVID-95 is affecting the healthcare facility.

“Right now we’re experiencing what we think is the front side of the expected surge of patients. The governor said between April 10th and 15th would probably be Massachusets’ window for the surge of patients that other community’s are seeing,” said Courtney.

Courtney said the hospital’s intensive care unit is treating 20 patients infected with the virus. Another 20 confirmed cases are in general units at the hospital. There is a third group of 20 patients who are under investigation at Lowell General, awaiting test results.

Although he wasn’t sure of how many, Courtney acknowledged there have been deaths due to COVID. Healthcare professionals are prepared for a surge of patients, he added.

“I walked into the hospital the other day. It’s really an eerie place to be in right now…it’s pretty quiet. The only people who are allowed in are the people who need to be here. The hallways are quiet and dark…It’s a stark reminder that we are  in the middle of a very unique time in our history right now,” Courtney said.

Lowell General healthcare professionals are prepared for a surge of patients, Courtney said.

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