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VIDEO: Westford Health Director Gives an Update on COVID-19


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Video by Patty Stocker

Westford’s Health Director, Jeff Stephens, spoke with WestfordCAT’s, Patty Stocker, on April 3 to give an update on and share his hope surrounding COVID-19.

Stephens broke down the number of cases per state, county, and in the town of Westford itself, as well as talked of the procedures to follow if one is feeling symptoms. Although the most common symptoms are a fever, shortness of breath, and a persistant cough, Stephens spoke of a lesser known symptom.

“There is one trait of one particular symptom that is a little interesting,” said Stephens. “It’s the loss of taste and smell. It’s not extraordinarily common, but if you lose complete taste and smell, I would contact your health care provider regarding that.”

Stephens went on to talk about the volunteer efforts of the Upper Merrimack Valley Medical Reserve Corp and how they are helping residents in need and some recent recommendations by the CDC regarding facial coverings.

But the one message he wanted to get across immediately was a positive one. “I know we’re going to be in for another month of dealing with not being able to go places. And I want people to just stay positive,” Stephens said. “For those of you who may be affected by COVID at this point, or families, I just want to send positive thoughts and prayers. I think you’re going to be fine.”

Residents are asked to contact the Westford Health Department with any questions or concerns at 978-692-5509 or email Stephens at [email protected].