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WESTFORDCAT: A New Slate of Directors Elected to Board


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A new slate of directors tasked with managing, monitoring and providing strategic direction to the WestfordCAT organization and its staff members, met for the first time over the holiday weekend of April 18-20 using Zoom as the conference provider.

Marketing Outreach Director Sarah Fletcher noted, “We’re keeping the community really connected with our information.”

The six elected directors then met on April 21 with a full agenda. Discussions included what to do about the ending lease with the owner of the building that houses the community access television station. The board will also begin planning for the 2020 budget.

Elected to one and two year terms were, Jack Wang, treasurer, Kristi Bates, president, Susan McNeill Spuhler, vice president, Diane Wood, clerk, and members Marilyn Katler, and Bob Jefferies, a former selectboard member.

Residents who would like to become a member of WestfordCAT are encouraged to email Sarah Fletcher at [email protected]. For a nominal annual fee members can use WestfordCAT’s communication resources.

UPDATE – The six who were just elected are called directors, not members.