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AGENDA ITEM: Newport Materials Opening in May; Board of Health Meeting, May 11


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Editor’s note: An item on the Board of Health’s agenda says that Newport Materials  is set to open this month. The May 11 virtual discussion is scheduled to begin sometime after 6:30 p.m. on Zoom.us. Residents can also watch the meeting on demand at westfordcat.org. Newport Materials was the target of an unsuccesful campaign, beginning around 2007 and ending about a decade later, to kill the construction of an asphalt plant on Groton Road. Find the Board of Health agenda for May 11westfordcatnews.org/…/Board-of-Health.050720.pdf here.

Operations at the plant will be overseen by the Board of Health and Planning Board. Health Director Jeff Stephens stated “Newport Materials is looking to start operations in ‘the middle of the month of May.’ The Health Department is going to do a pre-operational inspection  with regards to the hazmat permit application and conditions the Board of Health set. Newport Materials will call us for this inspection, which should be sometime next week.

There are requirements that the Planning Dept. has with regards to the order of conditions also.”

Board of Health.050720westfordcatnews.org/…/Board-of-Health.050720.pdf