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COVID-19: Weekly COVID – 19 Update from Westford’s Health Director; Video


Video by Patty Stocker

Jeff Stephens, Westford’s Health Director, talks with WestfordCAT’s, Patty Stocker, to give his weekly update on COVID-19. Stephens, who has spent the last 20 years in public health, explains that there is a correlation between the highest number of positive cases confirmed in the state on April 23 and the number of people tested on that same day.

“The more they test, the more positive there will most likely be,” said Stephens.

Stephens says the town is already looking into how to phase in businesses that want to open after the state’s shutdown ends on May 18. “I can’t imagine on the 18th that you’re going to see the lights turned on everywhere and it’s going to be just like it was,” said Stephens. “That will not be the case…we’re going to wait for the recommendations (from the state) hopefully before the 18th and we’ll start making decisions on what can be opened.”

Overall, Stephens said he feels positive on how the town is handling the pandemic and thinks everybody is doing an amazing job at social distancing, but still sees people congregating in numbers. He warns parents to be vigilant with their kids.

“I urge you that your children are following the same recommendations and work hard at doing that,” said Stephens. “We don’t want to close down anymore than we have to. In the interest of protecting people, the board may have to do that, but it’s not a direction we really want to go in.”

If residents have any questions or concerns about COVID – 19 and the shutdown, the Board of Health can be reached by calling 978-692-5509.