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Quick Quotes From the Virtual Memorial Day Observance


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Editor’s note:

Here are some quick quotes from those who delivered speeches for the town’s Memorial Day observation, recorded by WestfordCAT staff members. The speeches were followed by a reading of the Honor Roll.  Here is a link to the entire video.

Ryan Cobleigh

Veterans Services Officer

“Remember those who have died, every day, not just today. Remember them when you see the flag in the Common or the large one at Cornerstone. As long as we continue to honor those heroes and try to live in a way that honors them we can be sure they did not die in vain.”

Lori Trahan (Westford – Democrat)

U.S. Representative

“What is needed in our community now is a renewed sense of shared values. As our national model reminds us, though we are many peoples from may different backgrounds and experiences, we are all one big American family.”

James Arciero (Westford – Democrat)
State Representative
“I speak to you electronically for the first time as we gather not on the town Common of Westford, as we have for so many years…to honor and to salute those brave veterans who have left us.”
Elizabeth Almeida
Member, Select Board
“Today I invite you to connect to our past and to take time to participate in our long tradition of honoring our veterans. Take a walk in our cemeteries, visit the town Common to view the memorials to those who have served, call a veteran and thank him or her for their service. Find strength to carry us through these difficult days.”

“I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” VOLTAIRE
Joyce Pellino Crane

Multimedia News Director


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