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QUICK QUOTE: State Rep. James Arciero Reflects on new Playground at Forge Pond


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Editor’s Note: The quote below was spoken by state Rep. James Arciero at Forge Pond on June 23. Find more information about Forge Pond and the playground by visiting westfordcatnews.org.

“The genesis of it really of it really started with talking to families in the area and then from there  approached the Recreation Committee (Commission) and talked to them a little bit about what I was interested in. At that time, I learned there was some mitigation money from prior projects throughout Westford that had been earmarked specifically for improvements at the beach. So (I started) working with the recreation committee, as well as working with Jim Duane who’s the director of the Recreation Department and Kristi Bates.
Kristi and I have a rich history with working on playgrounds. Kristi actually gave me some of the ideas to advocate for money for Castle in the Trees in Littleton which we were able to do. We got $100,000 for Castle in the Trees and from there Kristi and I had discussions about getting state money for Norman E. Day (elementary school) and for Forge Beach. So Forge Beach was $100,000 and that initiated the study which really came up with the first phase of the improvements in Forge Beach and that is as we see here the playground and a lot of the structured improvements.” — State Rep. James Arciero