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ELECTION RESULTS: Helping to Guide the Future of Westford


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Editor’s note: Bob Shaffer was elected to the Planning Board on June 30. WestfordCAT is asking him and all the newly elected and re-elected board/committee members to answer the following:

Would you kindly comment on what this means to you and tell us why you wanted to serve on the Planning Board?

Robert Shaffer

Planning Board, 5-year term

There are several reasons why I chose to serve on the Planning Board.  First, I have missed participating as a resident in helping to guide the future of Westford.  Second, I believe I can use my past experience on the Planning Board, Historical Commission and Master Plan Implementation Committee to provide strong leadership in the Planning Board’s upcoming reviews of development applications,  Westford Zoning Bylaw revisions  and miscellaneous issues that come before the Planning Board.

I also believe that an effective member of the Planning Board is a person who uses all of the tools that the Town provides to guide Planning decisions such as the Zoning Bylaws, Subdivision Rules and Regulations, Comprehensive Master Plan and all other Town of Westford data sources. I believe that my prior Westford Government experience and my professional experiences will assist me in using all of these information sources when making PB decisions.