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QUICK QUOTE: WestfordCAT’s New Board Wins Praise from Select Board Member Mark Kost


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Editor’s note: After months of turmoil at WestfordCAT TV, the cable access TV station has an entirely new board, several new volunteer members, and ongoing fundraising campaigns. A budget gap is now under the watchful eye of Board Treasurer Jack Wang. Select Board member Mark Kost, who has a strong business background, reflected on the outcome at the July 28 Select Board meeting. Speaking to Board President Kristi Bates, Acting Executive Director Sarah Fletcher, and Wang, Kost said:

“I want to applaud you all for this. This was one of the areas that I think was a bit of contention while all of this was going on…I think all of us looked at the cash position (and) it seemed like there was a lot of runway. Not only have you proven that, but you’ve taken actions to continue to build a strong organization. I know you still have an awful lot of work to do but I applaud you all for doing it and I certainly feel even better than I did before about the decision we made.”