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COVID–19; LUCY XIAO and the Class of 2020 Weather a Climate of Lost Dreams by Learning to Cope


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Editor’s note. WestfordCAT asked freelance writer Carolyn Crimmins to find half a dozen graduating Westford Academy seniors and interview them on camera and for publication. We asked how they’re coping with COVID-19 regulations that delayed their graduation ceremony from June 5 to Aug. 7, forced them to cancel their prom, ended spring sports, and required them to stay home instead of heading to Disney World like most of the WA graduating seniors before them. But they were so beyond that.


LUCY XIAO, Class of 2020

Family walks and workout exercises have filled the time for Xiao.

What are your thoughts about Westford?

…When I first moved here I was really nervous and…being the new student is always hard but I’ve grown to fall in love with this town and everything that it offers from Panera’s and Burton’s all the way to Westford Academy which is where I spent most of my time and this town has given me so much and I am absolutely in love with it. And I can only hope that my kids have or live in such a wonderful town like I’ve been privileged to live in…

What have you been doing to keep active?

…I’ve been on a lot of family walks. Family time has been big over quarantine, following workout exercises like Chloe Chang. I don’t know if you’ve heard of her but she’s all over TikTok.

Where are you going to college and what will you major in?

So I am going to Boston College — excited about it. I’m majoring in theater and I plan to hopefully minor in marketing so in the future hopefully I can work on the business aspect of our theater.

“…I grew up in a Christian household and so the values (between the college and her home) are similar and also the education is just so great…and really educates the person culturally which I am really interested in especially in today’s age. I think it’s very important to be culturally educated.

When did you tour the school?

Great question. “…I was really lucky in that all the schools that I did get into I toured beforehand so I had an idea what it was like. I actually toured B.C. twice and loved it both times and I also went on campus during quarantine and just walked…”