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CHERYL A. MAJOR: 10 Reasons to Change your Diet


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 So many people are feeling challenged this year, and many are looking at reasons to change your diet to improve things.

Many thought “it” (the pandemic virus circulating the globe) would be two or three months and then back to normal.

Not so much, so how do you deal? One of the best approaches you can take is to use this time to transform yourself; to reinvent your health. Making a change, whether sudden or slowly over time, from a diet of processed food to one that is largely made up of whole, unprocessed food is one of the best things you can do for your immediate and long term well being.

Here are 10 reasons to change your diet:

  1. Improved immunity
  2. Reduction of inflammation in your body and in your mind
  3. Weight loss
  4. Better quality sleep
  5. Improved ability to handle stress
  6. Better mental clarity
  7. Improved mood and optimism
  8. Improvement in depression symptoms
  9. Reduction in food cravings
  10. Improved cholesterol levels

And a big fat bonus benefit for you: Improved glucose levels

Did you know one of the most glaring and dangerous pre-existing conditions for Covid-19 complications and fatalities is Diabetes?

I have seen people back off from a diagnosis of pre-Diabetes simply by changing their diets; that’s without using Metformin or insulin.

Changing your diet is simple and hard at the same time. You will do much better and will have a greatly increased chance for success if you have a community of like-minded people to support you in your dietary changes.

I brought myself back from the slow death of living with chronic depression and helped my husband come back from a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. I don’t just teach this; I live it…and I live it every day.

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Helping You Achieve Major Wellness!       

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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I don’t just teach this; I live it!