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Rally to Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking Fizzles, But Organizers are Undaunted


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A rally arranged by a 30-year-old Westford resident and her 35-year-old friend never got off the ground on Sept. 19, despite the women’s best efforts.

Erin McConnell, 30, and Kris Ann Landry of Merrimack, New Hampshire, arrived at the town Common just after 12 p.m. on September 19th carrying signs saying “Save our Children,” and Defund Hollywood.” No other demonstrators arrived to join them.

McConnell and Landry had used their Facebook pages to alert other demonstrators about the scheduled use of the Common, but they said they believed Facebook had deleted the information.

Two police officers stood on the Common waiting for a crowd that never showed.

Standing at the edge of the Common where Boston Road intersects Main Street, McConnell and Landry held up their signs and waved to passing motorists. Some honked in support. Some ignored them.

Leading up to the day of the rally Westford residents expressed concern that the two women were connected to a nationwide movement called QAnon, and those members might arrive at the Common for the rally.

“Heard about this?” one resident asked a reporter via email. “Rally on Westford Common on Saturday. Subject: child abuse, called the great awakening.”

QAnon’s members claim a network of wealthy pedophiles are raising children in dark, underground bunkers. Allegedly, President Trump is fighting an underground war against the criminals.

Landry denied she had anything to do with QAnon.

“The purpose of the rally was just to raise awareness (about) child trafficking and human trafficking in general,” Landry said, adding that the laws governing pedophilia are not strict enough. “It doesn’t sit right with me,” she said.

McConnell, who is a confirmed Westford resident, declined to speak with a reporter.


UPDATE – A video of Kris Ann Landry was added on Sept. 21.

A different quote providing more information replaced the original one. This was done on Sept. 21.