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COVID – 19 Slows Arrival of New Restaurants at Westford Valley Marketplace, Despite Approval of Liquor Licenses


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The Whole Foods grocery store is credited with contributing to  the economic health of the Westford Valley Marketplace. The grocery store is booming with business, according to Andy LaGrega, principal of Boston-based Wilder Companies which manages the plaza. In addition, most restaurants that are offering take-out food and drinks are doing well, he said.

The Whole Foods plaza, located at 160 Littleton Road, anchors the businesses that surround it. But two liquor licenses, finally approved by state Legislators, are not inspiring the two restaurant owners to open. “COVID has slowed the process and timing due to shutdowns, limited seating, outdoor seating, etc.,” LaGrega stated.

And there are more empty storefronts, including a commercial development, completed more than a year ago, with space for a restaurant and several businesses. The site of the old Tiki Lau restaurant at 355 Littleton Road, the property was purchased in 2007 by businessman Lawrence Gordon. The Asian fare restaurant was permanently shuttered in 2008 to make way for the new development.

Another notable closing is the British Beer Company restaurant at 149 Littleton Road. Workers at the restaurant said they are doing it over to have a Mexican restaurant ambience.

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