MEMOIRS AND HISTORY: Former State Rep. Geoff Hall Shares Westford Memories

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WestfordCAT is capturing stories from key members of the community. In this video, Former state Rep. Geoffrey Hall, also a member of the Historical Society, recalls his experience as a young teen entering Westford Academy.

“The Abbot School opened in the fall of 1955 and when it opened, it opened with grades seven through 12, and with the idea that as the town grew they’d be able to expand upon this area,” Hall said. “Well, that didn’t happen. They never expanded and by 1959 when I entered Westford Academy, I did not enter as a seventh-grader. I entered as an eighth-grader. I spent sixth and seventh grade at the Rouenbush because the town was growing. It was the post World War II baby boom.”

Video by Nick Woodbury

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