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VIDEO: Painter, “Aquascaper” to be Future Exhibitor at the PCA


Video by Patty Stocker

With COVID-19 delaying the Parish Center for the Art’s Artist of the Month exhibitions until 2021, WestfordCAT has started a series which will focus on regional artists that are scheduled to display their work at the PCA. Rick Lowe is a local ink and acrylic painter from Lowell who is inspired by his love of nature especially landscapes from China. Although Lowe creates art using acrylic paint on canvas, he also enjoys traditional brushstroke paintings on paper. When talking with WestfordCAT’s Patty Stocker about his piece “Of Her Locks,” he described how he had trouble finding the course, rough paint brush that he wanted to use on an 8 foot wide, rare sheet of Asian paper.

“My wife has very strong, beautiful, black, Greek/Korean hair,” Lowe said. “She has a lot of it so she’s always asking me to cut it. When I cut it for her, there was a lot of it so I didn’t want to let it waste. I decided to try and make a brush with it so I made a brush from it and it was actually perfect for that type of painting.”

Lowe also considers himself an “aquascaper” as he creates living, fully contained, self-sustaining ecospheres that can last for 20 years as well aqua bonsai which are used in aquariums.

For more information on any of Lowe’s work he can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by visiting AquaBonsaiAquariums.com.