ADOPTABLE PET: Smart, Socialized, Bonded Rat Sisters Love to Cuddle and Play

Video by Patty Stocker

September and October are bonded rat sisters that need to find a forever home together. Shelter Communications and Fundraising Director, Crystal Arnott, describes  the rats as social, smart animals that like to explore and play. “They are super smart, social animals that really want to be a part of your family,” Arnott said.

“Well handled, socialized rats are a great option for kids. They’re so friendly and so smart. You can teach them tricks just like you can a dog.”

Arnott described the sisters as feisty; always on the move; ready to play and explore. They are also affectionate. “They like to cuddle with your kids; hang out, watch TV, and just hang out with them while they do their homework,” said Arnott.

September and October are available now for adoption at the Lowell Humane Society. Interested adopters can call the shelter at 978-452-7781 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

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