Congresswoman Lori Trahan Issues Statement on Biden’s Win

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Editor’s Note: U.S. Rep. Lori Trahan (serving the 3rd District of Massachusetts) and a Westford Democrat, issued the following statement on Nov. 8 regarding Joe Biden’s election to the Presidency and Kamala Harris’ election to the Vice Presidency: 

“The sun has risen on a new day in America. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ victory proves what we all know to be true: Our nation is stronger when we have leaders who put country before party, who seek to unite rather than divide, and who serve not just red or blue states, but the United States.”

 “It’s because of your support and that of every voter across the Third District that we were able to make history turning out an unprecedented number of Americans who not only voted to send Joe and Kamala to the White House, but who also voted to give us a chance to retake the Senate, who supported me and our efforts to maintain Democratic control of the House, and who voted to send strong Democratic candidates to Beacon Hill.”

 “Make no mistake – this victory is because of each and every one of you. We now have an opportunity to go far beyond undoing the damage of the past four years. Starting on Inauguration Day, we’ll be able to jumpstart the wheels of progress that came to a grinding halt at the federal level four years ago. We’ll deliver on COVID-19 relief, protect and strengthen your health care, create good-paying jobs, fund high-quality schools, tackle climate change, and so much more.”

 “Serving as your representative has been the greatest honor of my life, and I don’t take the faith you place in me lightly. I go to work every day for you and the hundreds of thousands of people who are counting on me to ensure that their voices are heard in our nation’s capital. Thank you for trusting me with that incredible responsibility. I look forward to the hard work that lays ahead to build back our nation better than it’s ever been before. Thank you.”

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