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ELECTION: Westford Results; Trahan, Kennedy, and Arciero, all Unopposed


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The Presidential election on Nov. 3 drew 82.81 percent of the town’s 18,000 voters, who cast votes for Democrat Joe Biden or for Republican incumbent, Donald J. Trump.

By midnight, Biden had come out the winner in Westford with 10,078 votes to Trump’s 4,618. But the national election still had a long way to go.

Libertarian Jo Jorgensen was also on the ballot with her running mate, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen. However, they attracted only 252 votes out of the more than 15,000 voters who turned out.

Other Races

Sen. Edward J. Markey (a Malden Democrat) walked away with a mandate for another six years as a Congressional Senator, as compared to his challenger, Kevin J. O’Connor, with 5,075 votes. Markey, a champion for community access TV in Massachusetts, got 9,701 votes.

Congresswoman Lori Trahan ran unopposed for the third Congressional seat, taking in 11,632 votes.



Running unopposed, State Sen. Edward J. Kennedy, Jr., won 11,060 votes.

State Sen. Ed Kennedy, a Lowell Democrat. COURTESY PHOTO


State Rep. James Arciero, also running unopposed, got 11,441 votes.

State Rep. James Arciero. FILE PHOTO

Question 1 was widely supported with 11,146 votes in favor. According to the secretary of the commonwealth, a yes vote would provide motor vehicle owners and independent repair facilities with expanded access to wirelessly transmitted mechanical data related to their vehicles’ maintenance and repair.

A no vote would make no change in the law governing access to vehicles’ wirelessly transmitted mechanical data.

The measure passed with 11,146 votes.

Question 2 failed by a thin margin: 7,595 to 7,095. The measure sought to implement a voting system known as “ranked-choice voting.”