VIDEO: Biden Supporters Gather on Town Common to Celebrate His Win

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The day after Joe Biden was declared winner of the 2020 Presidential election and Kamala Harris was elected as the first woman to be Vice President, the town’s Democratic Party members threw a small celebratory gathering on the town Common.

The news couldn’t have been better for them. Combined with a sunny, warm day and the small crowd of Biden supporters, things turned out perfectly for the party members.

“It’s a great day to celebrate!” said Emily Teller.

“For me it’s a referendum on kindness, decency and a return to Democratic global leadership,” said Diane Hendricks.

Robin Connell said she viewed the election as having nothing to do with politics. “For me it…was about morals, integrity, and decency,” she said.

Biden’s challenger, President Donald J. Trump, has been accused of making erroneous statements, particularly about the fairness of the election process and the legitimacy of mail-in ballots.

The win was especially exciting for the group of gatherers because Harris is a black woman whose late mother was Asian Indian and whose father is Jamaican.

“What a message. It really was courageous of him to choose her,” said Teller.

Gus Bickford, chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, attended the Nov. 8 gathering. Bickford said he felt “ecstatic” over Biden’s win.

“I just couldn’t be happier for the country,” he said.

UPDATE — This story was edited on Nov. 10. to reflect a broader view of those responsible for the celebration.


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