VIDEO: Co-chairs, Morse and Perkins Tell Why They Founded Westford Climate Action

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With climate change becoming a critical issue, Carol Morse, co-chair of Westford Climate Action along with Beth Perkins, relates why they began the group.

“After researching a number of towns in Massachusetts to see what they were doing, many, many towns were beginning what is called Road Map 2050 Net Zero. And at the state level in the Legislature and in the governor’s office there is a target goal of 2050 for reducing greenhouse gases. We found that Westford has not yet embarked upon that quest,” said Morse.

Beth Perkins, co-chair of Westford Climate Action. WESTFORDCAT PHOTO

The group created a vision for reducing greenhouse gases.

“We’re asking Westford to take positive actions to promote clean energy and reduce fossil fuel use,” said Perkins. “And we’re asking for the creation of a task force to make recommendations for specific strategies to reach the goal, as Carol said, of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions.”

Perkins said things must begin on the local level.

“When we purchase energy, we want to purchase as much renewable energy as possible. And the process of renewable energy has come way down…We want to make the right decisions as businesses, individuals, town committees, town employees. We have a lot of expertise in this town,” Perkins said.

Selectmen voted to recommend the mission.

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