VIDEO: Westford Health Director Details Governor’s Revised Reopening Order

With coronavirus cases on the rise in the commonwealth, Governor Charlie Baker announced some new guidelines which went into effect on Nov. 6. Westford Health Director Jeff Stephens talks with WestfordCAT’s Patty Stocker about these new orders which include a nighttime stay-at-home advisory, a revised gatherings order, the potential for fines, restaurant curfews, and a new face covering advisory.

“Before the (revised) face covering order, you were to wear a face covering if you could not socially distance by 6 feet”, said Stephens. “Now the revised order is requiring everyone to wear a face or mask all of the time you are outside. So if you leave your office and got onto the public ways you are now technically required to have a face mask on. If you walk down the street, if you jog, if you ride your bike, if you go to the grocery store, if you go to any place where the public is invited, which includes public parks and playgrounds, you’ll need to be in a mask according to the current order.”

Contact the Health Department with any question regarding the governor’s revised order by calling 978-692-5509.

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