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Westford Families Give Back with Treats for Troops


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Editor’s note: An expression of appreciation for those who got involved —“We would sincerely like to thank all the students and families who donated to the National Guard. This is our small gesture of appreciation for the troops who work tirelessly to defend our country. We will forever be grateful for all the sacrifices made by the courageous men and women who serve.” — Mahitha Yerabothu, Westford, MA


The National Guard members have been deployed to Iran, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. COURTESY PHOTO

For the past several years, the children of Graniteville Woods, a neighborhood in Westford, expressed their gratitude for the National Guard by collecting treats for them. These children donated portions of their Halloween candy and wrote cards to the National Guard members. The children said their efforts were designed to thank the “brave and selfless U.S. troops stationed overseas in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq.”

This year a group of Westford Academy high schoolers recruited more students from Westford Public Schools. Donation boxes were placed at the Crisafulli and Robinson Schools, Westford Academy, and the GVW neighborhood. A total of 374 pounds of Halloween candy was collected and donated to Operation Care for Troops.

The project is called Treats for Troops. COURTESY PHOTO

Credited with initiating the project are Westford resident Radhika Goli and GVW resident Ushma Mehta. Tejal Joshi, also a resident of GVW, organized and encouraged kids to create cards.

The high schoolers who helped organize these efforts include Abhisar Anand, Sreya Binu, Medha Jegga, Tanya Joshi, Devesh Khamitkar, Kaushik Reddy, Srinivas Sriram, and Mahitha Yerabothu.

As a way of thanking National Guard members for their service, some Westford residents gathered sweets to send to them. COURTESY PHOTO