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WestfordCAT Asked Readers to Tell Us Their Plans for Thanksgiving; Here’s what They Said


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As Thanksgiving approaches on Nov. 26, thousands of households are preparing a traditional Turkey meal, but in Westford, few are coming to dinner.

COVID-19 continues to hover over the country like a menacing balloon, controlling lives.

Humans crave touch and seek the physical presence of their loved ones, so it’s no wonder that the online publication, Travel and Leisure, is expecting almost 47 million to make the journey home for the holiday this year.

Almost 42 million are expected to travel by car. Thirty-six million will likely fly in and out of airports.

“Travel volume for the Thanksgiving holiday hasn’t been this high since 2007, when 50.6 million took to the roads, skies, rails, and (for a handful of travelers) waters,” the Travel publication states.

One thing is certain — Zoom is an essential part of this year’s Thanksgiving.

WestfordCAT set out to see what local residents are planning to do, so we posted a question on Facebook getting these comments in response:

Question: What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Sherry Harrison Hasche

Just cooking and staying home. Immediate family only.

Nancy Cook

My husband and I will be eating thanksgiving dinner by ourselves Instead of the 24-26 we normally have.

Cassandra DeCosta

Ordered Thanksgiving dinner from gibbet hill! Can’t wait to get it!

Barbara Wentzell Woodbury

We usually travel to Maine to the in-laws but instead we are cooking at home with just those that live in our house, and then decorating for Christmas with our first ever artificial tree.

Alexa O’Neill

I’m attempting to cook my first ever turkey I live with my grandmother and we usually have everyone at her house but due to the spike in Covid cases, it’s just gonna be me and her.

Susan Martin Tebbetts

We usually go to my Mom’s but to err on the side of caution, we are staying home. I will cook a turkey and trimmings.

Suzanne Mortenson Welch

First time that I HAVE EVER not cooked. Getting Not You Average Joes dinner and celebrating with daughters via zoom. It’s necessary but it makes me sad.

Judith Culver

Instead of a full day of Thanksgiving feasting and games with our children and grandchildren, we will be celebrating at home with our son as our daughter and family celebrate at their home. We will have a ZOOM gathering after dinner. If the weather is nice, we will go for a masked walk. So even though our table is set for fewer guests, we will have an almost normal celebration. I will still set the traditional table with candles, nice dishes and flowers but with smaller amounts of potatoes, rolls, vegetables,etc. Still a huge turkey with stuffing for leftovers and of course apple pie. As so many others are doing, holidays will be in our own ‘bubble’ this year. But we are thankful to be healthy and together.

Barbara Evangelista

My family of 5 usually gets together with 3 of my siblings and their extended families, plus my Mom & Dad, at my sister’s home. We’re all doing separate Thanksgivings this year at our own homes and having a Zoom call with each other. I’m cooking the full Thanksgiving spread; my kids will probably eat the rolls and some pie and that’s about it! My mom is in an assisted living facility currently on lockdown and dad is in a memory care unit, so she’s having a lonely Thanksgiving on her own in her apartment. But it’s for the best, to keep her healthy. We’ll all be calling and checking in a lot.

Katie Brownlie

traveling to my sister’s home in NH!

Carissa Mrouse

Since my family lives out of state I am not traveling. I was kindly invited by the family I babysit for, since I’m in their bubble. I will spend my birthday (the 25th) and Thanksgiving with them. It sucks, but I am continuing to social distance and practice safety and consideration for others.

Karen Darnell

Our kids will meet us at Great Brook for a walk, but afterward, we’ll all go back to our separate homes where we’ll Zoom over Today dinner. To borrow a phrase from my late mother-in-law, “Sad but there you have it.”

Laurie Ellen

Cooking with my boyfriend & hoping for a visit from our kids before the day is over

Nancy Stack Roberts

My husband Matt Foster and I are cooking a turkey and fixings for the two of us. We will zoom with family during the day. Earlier in November when the weather was warm we enjoyed a socially distant traditional Thanksgiving meal on our deck with my daughter and son in-law.

Jess Maron

We’re ordering all of the sides that we take no joy in making (ie. mashed potatoes) from Whole Foods, and making the fun stuff (sweet potato mac `n cheese, cranberry sauce, pie) with our 4.5 year old. Due to expected rain, we’re likely breaking all screen time rules and watching a few holiday movies. We’ll Zoom with extended family in the evening over cocktails!

Sherri LeDuc

We are cooking for our family of 5 plus my twin sister and my nephews as we are bubbled! I’m planning on some Turkey day crafts and cookie making for the kids and just relaxing and hanging out safe at home!

Scott Cederberg

Whatever I want