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Certified Electoral Votes Confirm Biden’s Election to Presidency


Editor’s note — Some tried to taint this election with accusations of fraud. The following article documents how each of the battleground states certified the election.

Michigan State Board of Canvassers voted on Nov. 23 to certify the state election reults, formally granting President-elect Joe Biden the state’s 16 electoral votes. SOURCE: CNN

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and the head of Wisconsi’s election board certified Joe Biden’s election on Nov. 30. Wisonsin has 10 electoral votes. SOURCE: WASHINGTON POST

Pensylvania Secretary of State certifed Biden’s win on Nov. 24, giving him its 20 electoral votes. SOURCE: NPR

Georgia Governor and Secretary of State certified Biden’s win, giving Biden its 16 electoral votes, Nov. 20. SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS

Arizona Secretary of State certified that Biden had won in Arizona, giving Biden its 11 electoral votes on Nov. 30. SOURCE: WASHINGTON POST

Nevada Secretary of State certified Biden’s win on Nov. 24, giving Biden its six electoral votes. SOURCE: NPR

Virginia State Board of Elections certified Biden’s win on Nov. 18, giving Biden its 13 electoral votes. SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS


Biden 306 electoral votes

Trump 232 electoral votes

Difference = 74 electoral votes


Biden 80,941,306

Trump 74,077,537

Difference = 6,683,769 (51.3 percent to 47 percent)