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UPDATE: Town’s Girl Scouts Offer Novel Way to Express Hope Despite Pandemic


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As a raging pandemic virus covered the globe this year, Westford residents looked for novel ways to wait out COVID-19 and stay healthy. One group — the town’s 250 Girl Scouts, under the guidance of Katrina Municheillo, Service Unit Coordinator for Westford Girl Scouts — is offering an opportunity for donors to express their hopes for a better tomorrow.

They’re doing it with special signs they’ve designed that will be on display at the Westford Common from Dec. 20 to 27.

“Signs of Hope” are just what they sound like. They are signs with white space for residents to register their hope for a better tomorrow.

“I look forward to being reminded of all the things we have to look forward to,” she said.

The Girl Scouts will soon line the common with signs of hope. COURTESY PHOTO

The signs start with the words, “my hope for 2021 is…” Using magic markers, sign donors can then fill in the blanks with words of their own.

“We’re offering the entire Westford community the opportunity to buy a sign,” said Munichiello. “There are forms online…and we’re inviting community members to think about what they want to express in terms of their hope for 2021.”

For a small donation of $6 to $10 residents can sponsor a sign sharing their hopes for the new year with all of Westford.

How to Sponsor a Sign

1. Visit gswestford.wordpress.com to register online and make

your payment using PayPal. A sign/instructions will be delivered

to your home.

2. Make payment by cash or check (payable to Westford Girl

Scouts) in an envelope along with your name, phone/email, and

address and place it in the self-pay box on the bench outside

Muffins on Main. Collect your sign and instructions from behind

the bench. Monday through Friday only. (PLEASE do not bother the staff at MoM.)

Questions? Email [email protected] or visit the Westford Girl Scouts Facebook page.