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VIDEO: What is Community? Interfaith Leaders Offer Their Thoughts


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Editor’s Note: This video was produced and recorded by members of the Faith Community. WestfordCAT did not have a part in producing it.

Rev. Suzanne Wade of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, kicks off this story-telling video, as Interfaith community members, tell viewers what they view a community is.  The video was made for Thanksgiving 2020 and features Rabbi Shoshana Perry of Congregation Shalom.

“I know that all year-long, our different members of the Westford community worship in their own places within their own faiths, and yet somehow I know that there’s the continuity of connection that keeps us together each year to celebrate the blessings of our lives,” said Perry.

Amanda and Mohammed Zanam, who have lived in Westford for 10 years, defined community broadly.

“When muslims think of the idea of community, it means many things o them. It means your extended family. It could be your friends…The idea of community in Islam is also your neighbors,” said Mohammed.

Judie Hilton, pre-school representative at St. Mark’s in Westford tells the story of how her rudimentary ability to speak Arabic helped an anxious Muslim woman cope with an airport flight delay.

Rev. Jonathan Romig of Cornerstone Congregational Church makes an appearance.

The Saint Anne – Saint Catherine Music Ministry performed via Zoom.