Lowell General Hospital Alternative Care Site Accepts First Patient; More Expected in Coming Days

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The Lowell General Hospital Alternative Care Site (ACS) received its first patient from Lowell General at approximately 1 p.m., Jan. 4, and officials expect more admissions in the coming days.

Lowell General officials are reviewing additional patients in their care for possible transfer, and are also in contact with hospitals around the region looking to create more inpatient capacity in anticipation of an expected rise in patients after the holiday season.

The ACS opened its first 14 beds today and has staffing to scale up to as many as 28 beds by the end of the week. The beds will be a regional resource for transfer of recovering patients who need some additional medications or therapies before being discharged to home, opening up inpatient capacity for more severely ill patients.

“We are proud to be able to provide this resource for the region and stand ready to accept additional patients,” said Jody White, President and CEO of Lowell General Hospital and Circle Health. “Patients and families should take comfort that this site is staffed by skilled physicians, nurses and support personnel, and will provide the same standard of care as they would expect in the hospital.”

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