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COMMENTARY: Republican Party Members on Wrong Side of History


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I found Dennis Galvin’s Letter to the Editor tone-deaf and way too little too late in response to the Jan. 6 planned violent coup by racist domestic terrorists on our nation’s Capitol.

Galvin failed to call out nor condemn the cause of the violence: false claims of election fraud and propagation of absurd conspiracy theories by a fascist sitting president (Yes, fascist, let’s call it what it is.) and sycophant Republicans who continually prop him up.

In the process, our democracy has been undermined by the Republican Party’s unethical efforts to overturn and negate the will of 81,283,098 Americans who legally cast their votes electing Joe Biden as our 46th President and Kamala Harris as our first black woman Vice President.

This is a complete violation of their oath of office to protect our constitution — all orchestrated for their own shameful personal quest to hold on to power at all costs.

Galvin urged us to condemn violence on both sides of the political spectrum using an unequal comparison of the violent racist coup to the looting and rioting during the mostly peaceful Black Live Matters protests demanding equal justice after yet another senseless, racist murder of a black man committed by white privileged police officers.

A reminder, top Democratic leaders did publicly condemn violence during the Black Lives Matter protests: On May 31, the fifth night of demonstrations, former Vice President Joe Biden, wrote in a statement that protesting police brutality is “right and necessary” and the “American response.”

“But burning down communities and needless destruction is not,” Biden wrote. “ On June 3, U.S. Rep. James Clyburn, (D-S.C.), the majority whip of the House of Representatives, told the Washington Post that the movement for racial justice suffers when it is “hijacked” by violence.

As a member of the Massachusetts Republican Party Committee, Galvin could have used his editorial to show integrity and courage by putting his country before his politics and by condemning his party’s dangerous dissemination of misinformation and false claims of election fraud that incited one of the darkest and embarrassing days in our history.

Once again, too many in the Republican Party are on the wrong side of history. The lights are out in the shining city on the hill.