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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Postpone Vote on School Start Times and Tiered Bussing


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Open letter to Mr. Bill Olsen and School Committee Chair Gloria Miller

 I urge you, Mr. Olsen, and School Committee members, to postpone this vote.  Many of us in the community have asked questions that remain unanswered. The March 8 School Committee meeting should NOT include a vote. This should be a forum for Mr. Olsen and the School committee to present DIRECT answers and the community should have the opportunity to weigh in.

When and if this vote is needed these issues should be separated into the two issues they are.

1 vote should be to approve a 4-tier bussing system.

2 vote should be to rearrange school start times.

Sample of unanswered questions.

  • January 11 school committee meeting Sean Kelly asked, “Is Dee Bus on board with this?” Mr. Olsen stated, “We have the ability to make this change.”
  • March 3 you stated you are in discussion with Dee Bus to keep the current contract amount despite moving to a 4-tiered bus system because our current contract with Dee is for a 2-tier bus system at that rate.
  • Are the “estimated” savings no longer a guarantee and Dee may come back with a bus rate adjustment for a 4-tier system?
  • Why would we not ask Dee to discount our bus rate and move to the 2-tier bus system instead of asking for a discount on a 4-tier system that is going to upend most of our school community?
  • Lasting savings on Dee’s part. Less labor & gas & mileage
  •        2-Tier Transportation contract more desirable to bid.
  • Competitive bids? Chelmsford’s NRT bus company charges $23 less per bus for fiscal 2022.

Please sign the petition “School Administration: Public Input on 4-tier busing.”

You can read more and sign the petition here: http://chng.it/xTZRJ4nYXB  —Jamie Holmes, Westford, Massachusetts