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Middlesex District Attorney Announces New Policy in Relation to Office Website


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Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan Announces Policy to Review and Remove Certain Identifying Information from Website

 Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan today announced the implementation of a new policy regarding identifying information on her office website, middlesexda.com.

Recognizing that the Office has an obligation to balance the public’s right to information with the potential long-term collateral impacts on the lives of individuals accused of crimes, the office has implemented a policy to accept requests from individuals or their attorneys for a redaction of certain identifying information. In some cases where a complete redaction request is not approved, the office would also consider publishing an update regarding the final outcome of the case.

“This new policy reflects our ongoing commitment to addressing the unintended consequences of the criminal justice system,” said District Attorney Ryan. “As is indicated in the policy, identifying information about juveniles who have been charged as youthful offenders is of particular concern, especially when these young people are acquitted of the charges. Moving forward, we will continue to prioritize our obligation to the public to ensure continued access to complete information that allows for the utmost transparency and to ensure both that justice is being served and that the public continues to have confidence in our work.”

Interested parties can contact the office using the online contact form here or by submitting a written request.

The full policy can be viewed on our website here.