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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Covid is Still a Threat to be Taken Seriously.


Recently, the media is reporting that some legislators argue that those who are refusing to receive the Covid-19 vaccine should not be “shamed” for their decision.  I believe that those refusing to be vaccinated have the right to choose to get sick and die, but not to be irresponsible and put our children at risk.  Therefor I choose to shame them.

Young children will not be able to get the vaccine until sometime in 2022, and remain unprotected.  Anyone who refuses to be vaccinated should think about the potential consequences of their decision and how it impacts the health and safety of our unprotected.

There is also the possibility that we will not reach herd immunity if participation slows.  More thought should be given to better incentivize vaccination.  Some prefer providing a financial incentive while others might require proof of vaccination in order to participate in social gatherings (restaurants and bars, sports venues, church services, weddings, etc).  Communities should commit some of their Covid funding to reach out to residents who cannot easily get to vaccination sites.

Although we are all looking forward to creating our own new normal, let us not let our guard down assuming that the worst is behind us.  Covid is still a threat to be taken seriously.

Alden Wood

122 Depot Street