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WESTFORD ACADEMY: Graduates Look to the Future

The speeches were shorter this year, but the recognition, encouragement and pride no less as the Westford Academy Class of 2021, walked together for one last time.

Hunt for a New Superintendent; How School SubCommittee Got it Done

Over the last two weeks, there were 23 site visits to the finalists' districts and 32 meetings and interviews with our stakeholders, including staff, parents, our town partners, and students.

The New Superintendent is….

When reached for comment, Miller praised the principal. “Dr. Chew is a dynamic leader with superb communication and interpersonal skills,” she said, “and an inspirational vision for the future of Westford schools.

Climb4aChild Opens Doors for Impoverished Students of Tanzania, Kenya

It was a high school dream and a birthday gift from his wife Amy that set Ed Dean on his charitable quest and transformed him from a computer geek to adventure photographer.

COVID-19; CLASS OF 2020; Caroline Burke Gets ‘Warm, Happy Feelings Growing up Here’

And now because of Corona (the pandemic virus) I'm slightly switching what I'm going to do...I might move to LA [Los Angeles] with my uncle or spend some time in Europe for...a month or two...

ELLE WHITEHEAD, CLASS OF 2020; ‘I’m Going to Miss my Teachers the Most’

Honestly, I would say I'm going to miss the people on my job a lot and my two bosses who own the bakery

COVID-19: Lawmaker Discusses Impact of Virus With Chancellor of UMass Lowell on Students; Campus

State Rep. James Arciero talks with the Chancellor of UMass Lowell, Jacquie Moloney, about the effects of the COVID-19 shutdown on the university. The quick shift to virtual learning is discussed as is the success the school's seniors virtual graduation and what the future holds for students in the fall.

Middlesex Community College Administrators Discuss Reopening School with ‘From the Hill’ Host

State Rep. James Arciero talks with five administrators from Middlesex Community College on how the college had to shift quickly in March to respond to its students needs during the COVID-19 shutdown and what they foresee for the summer and fall semesters.