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COVID-19: At Town Clerk’s Recommendation, Westford’s Local Elections are Pushed Back to June 30

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In the 22 years since she began working for the town, Patty Dubey has never seen so many candidates lining up to run for office in the local election. “This is the most that’s ever been,” she said at the March 31 Select Board meeting, “especially for the School Committee — quite popular.”

But with COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, hovering over this year’s elections, Dubey and her staff are faced with challenges never before experienced in recent memory. That prompted the select board members, at Dubey’s recommendation, to push back the date of the town-wide election from May 5 to June 30 in the hope that things would be back to normal. As it stands, no one knows if Gov. Charlie Baker’s March 10 state of emergency order will still be in effect. Voters may be casting absentee ballots instead of heading to the polls. Continue Reading →

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COVID-19: Middlesex District Attorney, Middlesex Sheriff, Public Safety Officials, Collaborate to Ensure Defendants’ Rights and Keep Residents Safe

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office has been working collaboratively with the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office, the Middlesex Chiefs of Police Association and local police departments to ensure that we continue to serve the residents of Middlesex County and protect public safety during this time. Continue Reading →

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WESTFORDCAT NEWS UPDATE: Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Local Businesses are Suffering

With individuals self isolating and Governor Charlie banning restaurants from allowing clientele to dine in, retailers and eateries are suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. WestfordCAT News visits Westford Valley Marketplace to see how local business are faring. Continue Reading →

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