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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More Comprehensive Report Issued by State Reopening Advisory Board

The Massachusetts Reopening Advisory Board, Mass. Dept. of Public Health and Governor’s Office today supplemented earlier reopening guidance and standards with a more comprehensive report, including opening dates and restrictions applicable to specific industries, which may be found at the following link: https://www.mass.gov/doc/reopening-massachusetts-may-18-2020/download. Continue Reading →

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fair Nominations at Stake Due to COVID-19 Health Advisory

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At the end of this month, candidates for elective political office will be required to submit nomination papers to the Secretary of State in order to be on the Sept. 1, 2020 ballot. By April 28, candidates for state office, and by May 5, candidates for federal office are required to hand in the qualifying number of signatures. Collecting signatures has been very difficult to accomplish during the COVID-19 outbreak because the governor’s order urges “all residents to limit activities outside of the home and to practice social distancing at all times to limit the spread” of the virus. Many residents are afraid of spreading germs through the transfer of items such as pens and papers that are needed for signing nomination sheets. Continue Reading →

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